Easy steps for ordering a taxi on viber

Call a taxi in seconds via Viber using our automated bot. Scan the code:

1. Share your phone

Short steps for using the Viber bot

After starting a chat with Viber bot, share your phone by pressing the button on the screen.

2. Agree with Terms of Service

Legal terms for using Viber Bot

Before Viber bot saves your phone, you will receive a pop-up notification to accept/decline the general terms of use of the application.

3. Using GPS Positioning

Turn on GPS positioning for Viber

4. Order a taxi

How to make an order

After confirming the GPS settings, press the make order button.

3. Add Address

Select your position on the map

Viber bot will automatically track your positioning using the GPS of your phone.

If you want to call the taxi to a different address you can move and mark the map by dragging it in all directions.

Once you have specified the location for your order, click “Save”. With this your order will be accepted by the system.