Easy steps for using the mobile application

Get a taxi in just few seconds! Download our mobile app available for Android and iOS.


1. Registration

Few seamless steps to use the application

To sign up for the app, enter your phone number and email.

Upon successful registration, you will receive a unique SMS verification code for the platform.

The application will automatically find your position using the built-in GPS module on your mobile device.

2. Changing location

Different options for changing your position and address.

When you click the address box, you can manually enter a different address than the auto-detected address from the app.

After entering the order address, you can also enter the address for your travel destination.

3. Moving the pin

Ability to select a position directly on the map.

By clicking the map button in the upper right corner of the app, you can unlock the map and change the location to order a taxi.

Once the map is unlocked by dragging with your fingers you can position the pin in your place of choice.

4. Contact the driver

A fast and easy way to communicate with your taxi driver.

n the message box, you can send additional information about your location or route directly to the taxi driver.

The driver will immediately receive your message on his screen, which will allow him to react instantly and adjust his route.